Hello you, my name is Søs.

I´m a visual storyteller living in Copenhagen with my family. I like rainbows very much. I’m excellent at creating and telling visual fairytales, be it through photography, art installations, styling or any other wonderful project I have been lucky enough to be a part of.

I’m an expert when it comes to creating playful universes and finding new, surprising ways of reaching hearts and people all over the world. I believe playing is for everyone and that we should never, ever stop.

I have a masters degree in modern culture and literature, and I know a lot about how to engage and enlighten an audience within the wonderful world of arts and culture.

My background is a colorful patchwork blanket made from patches of my workslife with street art, art workshops, children’s fashion, styling and photography,creat ive writing and quite a lot of insight into the magical world of children’s libraries. I also happen to know quite a lot about vintage shopping and social media.

Art is everything, play is more.

Thank you for being curious!